Hustle Forward Academy
Hustle Forward Academy

Welcome to The Academy!

Get in the room. Ask questions. Get the answers you need to build a sustainable money making biz!

You Don't Have To Build Your Dream Business Alone...

HFA is your destination for support, connection, and guidance as you build your six-figure business.

Sometimes you just need to get in the room, ask a question, and have an expert weigh in on your next steps.

Without the overwhelm.
Without the hoops to jump through.
Without the long courses (that have 10 lessons, 20 worksheets, and non-responsive group. Without the pressure of having to figure it all out on your own.

Shayla is here to help you make more money and build a business you'll love! 

HFA is your chance to have an executive level consultant at your figure tips for a fraction of the price.

Meet Shayla

On my journey to six figures I invested thousands of dollars into coaching. While I learned a lot along the way, I looked around these coaching programs and noticed something — you weren’t there. When coaching isn’t made accessible it takes 5X as long to grow a business. I don’t want that for you.

I know the feeling of just needing to get in the room, ask the right questions, and get the answer you need to take another step forward. I also know what’s it’s like to get in a coaching program and feel lost because so many other people are 10 steps ahead… you won’t feel that here.

I’ve designed this academy to pour into business owners based on where they are in business (not just where they want to be). Whether you’ve just started making money OR you’re already bringing in the dough but need some systems, structure, and strategy to build sustainably.

God has called me to this work and I’m ready to help you build a money making business.

What’s it like in the Academy? 

Rub elbows with industry leaders and business owners from around the world. Get access to a library of classes that range in topics from marketing to business growth strategies. You will have access to a business coach who can answer your pressing questions for where you are in business right now. 

You'll never be bombarded with tons of work and classes at one time because that's not how adults learn. Plus when you're overwhelmed, it's hard to take action!

Each month in the membership me + my team of coaches will be teaching you about systems, marketing, how to actually implement strategy, while providing you with the tools you need to take one step at a time. Over time there will  be a library of classes for you to reference but the good news is there’s no pressure to learn and implement everything all at one time (because that’s not realistic either).

In the mastermind it will feel like I’m building YOUR alongside you. It’s the hands on help and support you need with the perks of having a Chief Innovation Officer on your team. From office hours to intimate planning sessions, this mastermind will be the investment that takes your business further than your wildest dreams. It’s putting my brain to work for YOUR business and getting the tools and guidance your business requires to no less than double your income. (I’ve got a track record of helping my clients 4X their income though *brushes shoulders off*)

Finally, a program designed to actually help move your business forward.


“Listening to Shayla teach, being able to get in the room and ask questions as I grew my business is what lead to my first multi four figure deal in business. When you put her strategies to work they WORK”— Dee

“Shayla’s classes were a game changer for how I built and market my business” — Courtney

“The way Shayla’s brain works is unmatched! Having access to ask her just one question will change the game for you, no matter where you are in business” — Sarah

"Shayla always bring such clarity, direction, and innovative strategy to our sessions! When you implement her strategies, you will always MAKE MORE MONEY! I can't believe I have access to this brain of hers!" -- Shaq

"I worked with Shayla for 30 days and after just two sessions I was able to 4X my income. She believed in me, provided me with her signature framework, and the results just keep coming!" -- Chronda

What’s included in Hustle Forward Academy Membership? 

  • Bi-Monthly Masterclasses
  • Pre-recorded Q&As ALL MONTH LONG (Ask me anything while I talk case studies, innovation, and new strategies)
  • Exclusive community of business owners to connect, grow, work with, and learn from 
  • Class library updated monthly 
  • Annual Business Retreat (ACCESS only, cost not included)

What’s included in HFA Mastermind? All the above PLUS:

  • Monthly Mastermind Sessions where we work through the challenges you’re facing in business right now in an intimate group.
  • Quarterly Planning Intensives so that you know exactly what you’re working on and HOW you’re hitting your goals each quarter.
  • Monthly Officer Hours to get the 1-on-1 attention you need from the HFA team of coaches to grow your business.
  • Guest Experts + Fireside Chats with Industry Leaders who can help get you where you want to be! 

Implementation, Action, and Results are what business requires consistently in order to grow sustainably. 

Now you've got somewhere to experience all three with the support of an accomplished award winning leader as your guide and a community of entrepreneurs who want to see you WIN! 

This membership was designed for the action taking entrepreneur who's ALREADY making money, has some BIG goals to hit, and is looking for an experienced coach to help guide the way. 
The mastermind is for business owners who are already making money and want a more intimate experience and eyes on their business. This business owner is looking for direct access to office hours, intimate group work, making connections, and expanding their business beyond SIX figures.